(e)Gauge | Our Sister Company
For progressive companies, our web apps streamline processes and align resources to your goals, so you'll get work done while focusing on the big picture.
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Edges™, our sister company, helps establish the initial strategic growth plan essential for businesses to grow successfully. Their developmental services align with our tools and enhance their overall effectiveness.

Strategic Planning

Unveil opportunities for growth within your business as Edges™ facilitates comprehensive planning sessions with your leadership team. Together, we shape the key objectives needed to realize your goals and develop a strategic plan to be your guide along the way. Of equal importance, we walk you through the process of creating an implementation plan by dividing your goals into smaller, more manageable steps. You'll be racing toward your goals in no time, while maintaining a vivid sense of progress in relation to your larger scope. All with Edges'™ continued support when needed.

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Talent Management

Get the most out of your business' most valued asset — your people. Through coaching, leaders will begin to realize a broader capacity for high-level strategic thinking. Together, we'll help you better understand your team's abilities in order to influence and inspire them to achieve their business goals. The knowledge gained will help you to properly align resources with well tailored roles and train staff appropriately. You'll witness a higher level of accountability across the board. This of course means increased productivity, but also a spike in motivation and overall job fulfillment.

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Efficiency Assessment

Pinpoint opportunities for improvement within your organization by assessing your current processes in sales, marketing, operations, and cross-functional workflow. We'll help your teams improve their business analysis abilities and train key people to promote positive change as ongoing facilitators of process improvement. In the end you'll have a more efficient workflow providing continued growth while improving profits and customer service.

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