(e)Gauge | The framework of growth for any business.
For progressive companies, our web apps streamline processes and align resources to your goals, so you'll get work done while focusing on the big picture.
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Our Goal

To help your business thrive by providing a solid framework for you to utilize in managing your business in alignment with your long term goals.

(e)Gauge™ is the framework of growth for any business.

We were founded in 2009 to simplify growth implementation for businesses. Prior to our existance, our sister company Edges™ focused on servicing similar growth-centric clientele but from a coaching and development perspective. Their clients desperately needed a cohesive software package for putting growth plans into action and easily monitoring them as part of a daily workflow. So (e)Gauge™ was born from this necessity. Our products have been carefully developed with the voice of our customers. Our leaders, Ken and Patti Leith, have an average of 25 years of business experience while gaining important perspective from all levels and departments within. This background covers the gamut of operations, service, purchasing, production, and human resources. Our clients appreciate the practical nature of our solutions that these experiences have molded. Solutions focusing on achievable goals and measurable results. In the end it all comes down to numbers, and that’s where we shine.

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Our Products

Our web based solutions streamline processes and align resources to your goals, so you can get work done while staying focused on the big picture.

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