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Ken Leith


With over 25 years of experience as a leader in business management, customer service, purchasing, quality management and production, Ken was most recently in an executive level position over production for a Washington, DC Division of Brookfield Homes.

His experience at Brookfield homes also included Customer Service, Strategic Planning, Process Efficiency and Purchasing. During his career he has led the successful conversion of under performing teams into top producers. He started and led the Quality Council, establishing quality standards with vendor partners to deliver quality homebuilding. In that capacity, he assisted vendor partners in adopting a culture of quality, safety and collaboration. His team architected and implemented a strategic plan to grow his Division from 400 homes per year to 800 homes per year, ensuring profitable growth while preserving quality.

His corporate career also included time with Ryland Homes and Regency Homes as Director of Customer Service. He has deep experience in media relations. His career has previously included consulting for M/I Homes to build customer service, efficiency and quality.

In addition to effectively leading teams to accomplish business results, his work has included a strong focus on helping organizations to build metrics, ensuring a productive culture. He has comprehensive experience across his career in the detailed analysis and documentation necessary to create and enhance efficiency.

Joining Edges™ in 2006, Ken has brought with him a vision for quality, efficiency and systemic alignment. In 2009, he opened (e)Gauge™, Inc. a software services company offering tools to organizations designed to align their resources to ensure goals achievement. Ken is the main architect behind the (e)Map™ and (e)Work™ systems, for (e)Gauge™. He serves as a the Chair of the (e)Gauge™ Product Development Team, ensuring tools are build to simplify complex challenges by hearing the voice of the customer.  He manages the Sales team, Legal/IP and Information Systems, for both Edges™ and (e)Gauge™.

He is currently working on two book collaborations about strategy and culture. He has completed research regarding generational differences in the workplace. He has authored white papers regarding process efficiency, technology integration and strategic planning and collaboration. He co-authors guest columns for the NW Arkansas Business Journal and Talk Business Arkansas.

Emphasis: Change Management, Strategic Planning, Process Efficiency, Organizational ROI Metrics

Patti Leith

Managing Partner

With more than 16 years of corporate leadership experience in Operations, Organizational Development and Human Resources, Patti worked more than 8 years at an Executive level with Wal-Mart/SAM'S Club and Food Lion Stores.

At SAM's Club, she oversaw the People Development group for SAM's Club's nearly 70,000 employees and managers. While at SAM'S Club, her People Development team won the President's Award for Excellence in 1999. During that same year, her team was recognized by Northwest Arkansas (NOARK)/ SHRM as the most innovative in the field, while she was named SHRM's "Boss of the Year".

She led Human Resources for Food Lion's widespread employee across 1,000 stores. Prior to taking this role, she worked in Operations, Succession Planning and Organizational Development. She was a key member of the committee assembled to respond to ABC's Prime Time Live television expose in 1992, citing Food Lion's food safety practices. While Food Lion was able to prove the accusations as staged, the Organizational Development department, under her guidance, implemented state of the art practices supported by culture change.

In her executive capacities with both companies, she handled a broad spectrum of responsibilities, including Succession Planning, Employee Relations, Union Avoidance, and Corporate Communications/Meetings Production. She also has experience with Sheraton/ ITT in Training and Human Resources. While serving in this role, she held a seat on the Executive Committee, where she was responsible for all aspects of the hotel's operations.

Starting Edges™ in 2001, Patti oversees the company's services in Strategic Planning, Executive Coaching, and Process Efficiency. They offer services through a highly experienced staff to assist companies in building profitable growth. She oversees Marketing for both Edges™ and (e)Gauge™. She services on the Product Development Team for (e)Gauge™.

With an M.A. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (and Human Resources Management), and a minor in Statistics and Computer Science, she has authored and validated several skills assessment instruments, including the Inter Face Methods™ Instrument, to foster improved relational influence and team collaboration. She recently published her first book "Judge Not, A Guide to Influence People Who Think Differently". She is currently working on two other book collaborations. She speaks often and co-authors guest columns for the NW Arkansas Business Journal and Talk Business Arkansas.

Emphasis: Leadership Assessment and Coaching, Organizational Development and Strategic Planning, and Talent Management